Welcome to Custom Cue Lathes

Introducing the first custom toolbox cue lathe with all the tool bits and accessories you need to get started on cue repair and maintenance. This cue lathe is perfect for tips ferrels, finishing cues and cleaning shafts and butts. It can also be setup to do joint work for both butts and shafts. The accessories include 4 cutting tools tips ferrels, razor blades, sand paper, bearing adapters for shafts tips and butt joints, clamping knobs, and a bunch more. This lathe comes with a custom 1/3hp brushless motor with speed control and built in fan for cooling. The speed control is ideal for putting on leather rap and various other applications...

Why Choose Us

  • High quality: We only use high quality parts for our lathes and accessories to ensure reliability.
  • Extreme precision: Our lathes have achieved a level of precision far exceeding the recommended tolerance.
  • Low prices: We do all that while keeping the prices as low as possible.

Our Promise

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: We will work with you until you are completely satisfied.
  • Flexibility, customization & branding: We are capable of supporting individual or wholesale orders, with total customization to you brand and liking.
  • International support: We support customers from all different corners of the globe.