Cue Lathes

Basic Repair Cue Lathe

The Basic Cue Repair Lathe comes with a 1.4" Bore Headstock and a powerful 1/3HP AC Motor. The base Unit comes on either a 38” or a 48" bed with one steady rests and collets starting at only $999.

Shipping for the base unit is $75 within the continental USA.

Optional Updates:
  • 5-pc 3/8" indexible cutters + $70
  • 9-pc 3/8" carbide tip boaring set + $45
  • Speed control foot pedal + $55
  • On/Off foot pedal + $49
  • Tailstock with 1/2" chuck with Concave Live Center + $135
  • 2' House Cue Extension with a second Steady Rest + $150
  • Reversible DC motor Upgrade + $45
  • Quick Change Tool Post + $125
Loaded Repair Cue Lathe

Introducing the first 48" Bed Cue Repair Lathes with custom made 1.4" Bore Headstock with either a 3 or 4 Jaw Chuck and optional Rear Chuck too (+$95), 1/3 HP DC motor with Rev. Rotation (standard).

The 44' or 48" bed comes with 42" Corse Gear Rack, One Steady Rests with Collets, chuck collets, BindlessCarriage with Custom Hand wheel, along with all steel QCTP with 5 holders cut off blade and premium carbide tooling, Tailstock with 1/2"chuck and Dual live center (Concave & 60 degree). You get all the above starting @ $2295

Optional Updates:
  • 2 foot extension.   $85
  • 3-Jaw Chuck Steady Rest $130 to upgrade or $200 to add on
  • Second Steady Rest  $70 for short & $75 for tall
  • 4-Sided Taper Bar kit upgrade $550
  • Independent Lead Screw Auto Feed $450
  • Carriage attachment Auto Feed. $ TBD (coming soon)
  • Router Attachment with Special Router Bit for cue stock + PC Router $190
  • Tall Headstock (0.991" higher center for a bigger turning radius) $100
  • Variable speed  foot control. $55
  •  Solid carbide boring bars, 4 bore sizes  $25-$40 each
Tool Box Cue Lathe III

This is the new custom toolbox cue lathe III.

The Base Price for this unit is $1599 + shipping. Shipping is $85-$110.

Base Model:

The base model includes:

  • 51" bed with a big bore headstock , carriage, with a Quick change tool post with 4 holders and cutoff bladePremium tooling ( included 5 pc indexible cutters and 9pc carbide tipped boring bars) $110
  • 1/3 HP High Torque DC motor with speed control
  • 1 tail stock with chuck and concave live center
  • 1 steady rest with collets
  • 1 tip shaping tool
  • 1 tip positioning tool
Optional Updates and Accessories:
  • 3-jaw chuck steady rest. Retail $195 as an upgrade only $125 (replaces the 1 steady rest with collets)
  • Reverse rotation switch $45
  • Variable speed foot pedal $45
  • Solid carbide boring bars $25- $40 each
  • 11-pc drive pin set $185
Cue Building Lathe II

The Cue Building Lathe II is a fully refined design from the first Cue Building Lathe.

This lathe comes fully loaded with new features that makes it unique and be in a class on it own. The headstock was slightly redisgned to accept dual chuck and 24pt indexing pulley, with high precision Japanese bearings. Next comes the new 1/2" wide 20-pitch corse 42" gear rack.

The newly designed 5" wide Bindless carriage with UHMW dove tail interface for super smooth travel, that will never bind or scratch the bed, while providing a tighter fit with better accuracy  than a standard taig carriage.

The autofeed is also new with a stonger heavy duty gear motor with a full independent gear driven leadscrew.

The 4-sided taper bar is also a new improved addition to this lathe.

The custom pinion gear and independent lever gear for autofeed lead screw engagement makes this lathe the closest thing to an industrial machine lathe without the extra heavy weight to go along with it. There are couple of you tube video links that will show this lathe in action.

The Base Price for this unit is $3599 + shipping. Shipping is $165. The total weight prior to packaging is 80 lbs.

Base Model:

The base model includes:

  • 1/3HP DC Reversible motor with speed control
  • Tall headstock with 3-Jaw chuck and 24 point Indexer
  • One Steady Rest with Collets
  • 5" Wide Bindless Carriage
  • 4-Sided Taper Bar with carriage accessories (base model comes with 3 sides, 4th side is an optional for a custom taper bar upgrade)
  • Tail stock with 1/2" chuck, concave live center and 60 deg live center too
  • Quick change tool Post with cut off blade
  • 9-pc 3/8" boring set
  • 5-pc 3/8" indexable cutters
Optional Updates:
  • Dual bearing 3-Jaw Chuck steady rest $130 to upgrade or $205 to add it as a second Steady Rest
  • Solid Carbide boring bars $25-$40 each (4 sizes available)
  • 2' extension $95
  • 11-PC Driver Pin Set $185
  • 13-PC Driver Pin Set $215


"The Beast" Cue Building Lathe

The Beast Cue Building Lathe  is  built on the same chassis of the Cue Building Lathe II  The bed structure is a 52” Anodized Dovetail bolted to the latest Heavy Duty H-Channel Design, 42” Heavy duty Inverted Gear Rack on the front, and 48” ½”-10 Acme Lead Screw independent Auto Feed system powered by an industrial grade Right Angel Gear Motor with speed control box. The auto feed Speed is tuned to be as slow as 50 RPM and up to 465 RPM for top speed.

The Big difference and upgrade is the addition of the supported Linear Rails, high precision ground and chrome finished Hardened steel Supported Thompson Rods. All for the new extra large stable Heavy Duty Carriage to ride on.

The Headstock options is the same as the Cue building Lathe II, or the Tapering Lathe Headstock.

The Carriage is 10” x 7” solid  aluminum with X and Y linear Bearings along with a 2 stage transmission gear box for maximum smooth, 4” hand wheel , heavy duty large slide.

This unit comes well equipped, which includes Router, Router Bracket, 60Deg Live Center along with Start up Tooling Package.

This unit retail price is  $4599 and $4999 for the well equipped model.

This lathe can easily be transformed into a 2-axix CNC Cue Lathe.